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What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia, at its core, is an encyclopedia. It brings plethora of knowledge and ideas to millions of students, researchers, academics, and life-long learners around the world. However, there is also no denying that Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, and can greatly enhance the reputation of a business, a product, or a famous personality. We, at Succinct Social Media, understand that, and our team of highly trained editors and writers are here to help you realize your dream of having a Wikipedia page.

Why You Should Have a Wikipedia Page ?

Having a Wikipedia page is your choice. There, are however, a number of reasons for having a Wikipedia page. These are:

First and foremost, it adds to your credibility, or to that of your product or business. You might want to have a page if you want to, for example, advance verifiable information about your product. This is not advertising—per se—but the progression of independent data on your product. A lot of customers these days, especially those belonging to younger demographics, collect independent information on a particular product before buying it. There go-to database, or benchmark of information, is usually Wikipedia. Thus, Wikipedia presence can greatly boost the reputation of a product.
Secondly, we do live in the age of social media and internet, that has exponentially increased the prospects of on-line sales. However, with it, it has also increased scams and fraudulent behavior. Fake companies and ineffective products have inundated the on-line market, and consumers are wary of it. They turn to websites such as Wikipedia to verify products, and any business can greatly gain from Wikipedia presence.
Let’s talk about personalities. Why would a personality want to have a Wikipedia page? A page on Wikipedia suggests that you are notable, and quite certainly a very well accomplished name within your profession. Authors, for example, would have their books to showcase. Scientists would have inventions and accolades. Also, a Wikipedia page can, especially, be very beneficial for service providers such as lawyers, doctors, and writers. The page showcases notability, and notability, in turn, brings trust from readers and potential clients.
Lastly, and this is the obvious one, Wikipedia page increases the on-line presence of a business or a personality. Of course, any person or business would want to have a Facebook or a Twitter page, and Wikipedia is an extension of that same idea. This goes without saying that, being an encyclopedia—its practicalities are different. Although, it ultimately increases the on-line presence, which can in turn, be great for businesses, service providers, and reputable personalities.

Basic Requirements

Quite a few things go into a Wikipedia page, and perhaps the biggest test to pass is the so-called “notability test”. Essentially, the thing with Wikipedia—something that can be rejected epistemologically—is hyperneuatrality. It is understandable that we live in a world filled with biases, and neutrality, the kind Wikipedia conditions might not always be achievable. But, that is what is required in order to get a page published. Much of the chances for approval depend on verifiable and independent links—that is it. One important note here to make is that Wikipedia—being an encyclopedia—abhors advertising and promotion on their platform. All too often, people or business wanting to have Wikipedia pages would share promotional content or writings that might seem like advertisements. This is a big no, and almost always would result in the page not getting published. Thus, we very carefully study the subject, and compose the page in a way that removes any element of promotion—so the page meets the requirements set by Wikipedia.

Want To Create Your Wikipedia Page?

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How do we help?

We have, at our disposal, a team of highly skilled Wikipedia writers and editors who can assist in the creation of a Wikipedia page. These editors understand the ins and outs of creating a page on Wikipedia and have a high approval rate. In this regard, the following services are provided by us:

Writing the content for Wikipedia page

We ask the client to provide us with all the relevant details about the subject and then we are happy to write down the content for the page. The writing is done in a way that fulfills the requirements set by Wikipedia.

Getting the page published and approved

This is the main part, after writing and editing the content—we get the page published.

Editing and Proofreading the Content

If you already have content pre-typed, we can edit and proofread it as well.

Future edits

We are happy to edit the page if new information comes up in the future. Of course, only when you ask.

Finding all the relevant links regarding a subject

You do not have to worry about providing us with all the relevant links about a personality or a business. Our editors can find relevant links from almost any search engine as well.
Getting a Wikipedia page published is a complex process, one that requires meticulousness and attention to detail. Quite often Wikipedia pages are created in haste and without professional help, and these pages more often than not run into problems. As the process itself is not the easiest we suggest that any person/business wanting to have a Wikipedia page should seek credible and professional help. In this regard, we are happy to help.