Using Social Media to Engage your Television Audience

Written by kara

May 22, 2015

Before Social Media, the Only Way to Engage with your Viewing Audience was to Rely on Nielsen Ratings and Viewer Mail.

Social media has empowered television producers to reach out to the audience to take part in the show and has expanded a show’s reach from the living room screen, to an international audience on multiple platforms. For their part, viewers can engage like never before, asking questions, talking to people around the world about their favourite shows and even saving them from cancellation – no more waiting for the chat around the water cooler at work the next day to talk about what they have been watching.

Social TV – Most of Your Audience is Watching TV While Using a Secondary Device

Phones, IPads, laptops. Pick one. No one just watches tv anymore. We are living in a world of tech multi-tasking. You need to assume your audience is online while watching your show on tv. They want to engage and ask questions in the moment and take part in real-time conversations about the show. Provide them the opportunity and be there to reach out and draw them in.

Continue the Conversation Online

The show doesn’t have to end just because the episode is over. Get people talking about your show by continuing the conversation online after it’s over. Television has become an interactive experience with After Show Experiences like Twitter Chats, Google Hangouts On Air and Live Facebook Events. Expand upon the episode by bringing the viewer behind the scenes and answer their questions in real time. Bring your cast online to engage with the audience. Share the video you have created and grow your audience beyond the network on which it is broadcast. How are you engaging with your audience between episodes and between seasons? This content can be a bridge that keeps them interested.

Instant Feedback

As a television producer, social media is your goldmine of audience information. You can get instant feedback on what people liked, hated and what started the biggest conversations. Advanced analytics tools will break down your audience even further, giving you the details the traditional ratings system cannot. Find out who your audience is, where they are, what they are interested in, what social platforms they are using and how best to engage them. Grow your audience by targeting them and reaching out to them online, inviting them to watch and engage with your content.

Create Unique Content

Social TV is a great way share content not included in the episodes. Give viewers a richer experience of the show by showing them behind the scenes, deleted scenes and exclusive footage and images. We all know how much amazing material gets lost in the edit. Sharing unique content with your online audience is an amazing way for producers to tell the whole story. Planning creative material for online use before going into production can also really set you apart.

Strategy is Essential

Your audience is unique and you need to make sure you are reaching them and providing them with the content they want. We can build your strategy to make sure your online presence reflects the work and quality of the show you are producing and support your team in incorporating the Social TV vision into their work. Our team at Succinct Social Media comes from a variety of professional backgrounds in documentary television production, traditional and new media, technology and design. Get in touch to start us planning your online strategy.

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