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LinkedIn Social Analysis

Why a Social Employee Matters Connect. Share. Help. Amplify

The numbers tell the story.

Why Social Employee Advocacy Matters on LinkedIn

In the aggregate, the typical size of employees’ social networks is 10x the size of the company’s network. Additionally, the average employee social media post garners a click-through-rate double that of the average company post. In short, harnessing the power of employee advocates boosts a company’s reach and engagement

Social Employee Sharing on LinkedIn

Fact – Content only is useful if it is put into the right networks and communities.

One of the most powerful tools that we can use to disseminate Company content are existing networks, communities – or personal LinkedIn accounts to share information.

Why throw content into a crowd, when we can go to the cocktail party where everyone there shares similar interests and agendas.

  • Social Employees can share Company content within their LinkedIn community if they have a curated network.
  • This is done by posting an existing link that originated on the Company LinkedIn page
  • An employee of Company will have a very targeted audience. Their own network of people and affiliated industry people is Company’s best audience.
  • People will listen to their respected friends and colleagues before paying attention to a sponsored post.

Profile Views over the Past 90 Days

We can see Employee  X  has had 257 viewers in the past 90 days.

People Looking at Employees Profile

These are people that look at Employee X’s profile . They matter because they are interested in Employee X, where he works, what he does. Elevating his credibility and authority in the securitization space.
People Looking at Employees Profile

Many of which are Senior Leaders

Many of which are Senior Leaders

Employee X has 2154 Connections on LinkedIn

These are people who are leaders in the sector and who follow Employee X’s posts and they like and share these posts. Employee X’s work on LinkedIn helps to improve the brand of the Company.
He has access to a target audience that the Company may otherwise not have access to.