Social Media is about Social Discovery and Research

Written by kara

June 7, 2015

Our team at Succinct Social Media is about making social network analysis information more accessible and useful than ever before. With expanding networks across multiple platforms, remaining connected has never been more important for you and your business. However, remaining connected and compliant has also never been more complex. SSM has two primary mandates which we feel could be helpful for your company, the first being the gathering and analysis of relevant intelligence on the companies and markets under your coverage universe. Social media has become a very relevant source for sentiment and information. As such the intelligence can be of great importance to those who analyze and rate companies. We are able to use our vast resources to curate this intelligence and provide to our clients in a fully discernible and summarized manner. Some of the key intelligence to be found from social media sources includes:

  • who is influential within your chosen topic area
  • who is engaging the niche
  • what words are people using when discussing the chosen topic
  • when is the topic seeing the most engagement
  • where are people talking about the content
  • how are people engaging
  • views on all financial reporting
  • views on current and future growth, Management, Board, ratings, visibility etc.

Secondly, SSM collects data and analyzes the social media platforms, bringing key insights to your attention that help you further refine your understanding of how people are engaging with your topic. The more refined this becomes, the better positioned you are to penetrate your chosen market. Throughout the social media process, you have opportunities to work with our team closely and find the information that is important to you. Think of Succinct Social Media as your partner in data discovery, and the engine driving your social network success. We will work with your existing marketing and compliance teams to disseminate content that will

  • Provide investors/potential customers/industry leaders with your company’s ongoing strategy for creating value.
  • Give followers context, insight and interactive tools to clearly understand your business today and in the future and benefits/advantages of working with your company
  • Make your companies compliant website content easy to access from any platform
  • Provide content in formats that will engage and educate

Once you begin to develop an online presence, conversations around your brand will occur. When those conversations happen, you should join them and engage with those who are mentioning your brand while remaining compliant. The task of brand monitoring and social listening can be difficult, if not impossible, without the aid of a social specialist. Succinct Social Media will automatically begin  identifying influencers from the moment we start a new project. Influencers are ranked using the three Rs of influence, which are: Reach, Relevance, and Resonance. Reach refers to how many people are in an audience, relevance calculates how closely related posts and content are to your project topic, and resonance is a measure of how much activity the content of a potential influencer is getting within their network. Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, has been charged with exploring how new unconventional sources of data could improve its picture of Britain’s recovery. Watch his exclusive Video with Sky News here

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