Running an Annual Event? Don’t Ignore Social the Rest of the Year

Written by kara

January 7, 2016

Your event is over. Now it’s back into planning mode. Whether it is a Film Festival, Christmas Show or Summer Fair, planning for next year’s event shouldn’t mean abandoning all the work you’ve done on social media promoting this year’s one.

One of our clients is an annual food festival highlighting local artisans, farms and businesses. The festival runs over the course of two days in July every year and then the rest of the year is planning for the next one. A big part of the planning strategy is to keep their social media vibrant, keeping their fans engaged and attracting new ones to further grow attendance at next year’s event.

Here are some tips to make sure your event stays in front of people all year round.

      • Make Sure Your Website is Up to Date – Still promoting the event that has already passed on your website is not cool. Make sure to update the photos and add the dates for the next year if you have them. Direct people to your social media channels to keep up to date on the latest news.
      • Define Your Audience – You know who your fans are on social media, now talk to your vendors about the people they met at the event. Maybe there is a new demographic that came out who you haven’t come across on social media. It can be a great way to find more advocates online.
      • Post Great Content – Now that you know who your audience is, entertain them. Our food festival fans love recipe posts but they also love news articles about gardening, local and sustainable food practices, local food quotes and profiles of local producers. We also share a lot of the content produced by vendors at the show which in turn encourages them to post and share more. Capture the spirit of your event in your posts by posting content related to, but not directly about it.
      • Share Related Events – Promoting other local events that don’t conflict on the calendar with yours is a great way to build support and create a sense of community. They’ll have your back when it’s time to promote your event.
      • Use Polls, Questions and Contests – Keep fans engaged during the year with content that asks them to do more than like a post. This is also a great time to get feedback that you can use for next year’s event.

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