How does a Mining Company use Social Media to Build Trust, Reputation, and Authority?

Written by kara

July 8, 2015

Your company’s reputation is measured on the web by the information associated with your business and its key players. Your authority translates to how influential you are judged to be and the trust others have in you.

How can you use social media to foster these delicate relationships?

These relationships that only used to be managed by a carefully crafted company statement, are now in the open market, using search engines to find less formal information.  They are “digging” deeper than ever before to find out more information on you and your company.     There has been a shift in the handling of information, good or bad.  Your company should understand how crucial Social Media is in crafting public perception.

Where to start?

First of all start with populating your company’s profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, with content created by your in-house team, or hire freelancers who can create content using  photos, videos, and infographics in addition to award-winning text content. This not only gives you a great foundation of relevant content that people want to read, but also shows visitors to these sites that your company is updating daily/weekly and is intent of being an information leader. Do this and you will gain many new followers and potential investors over a wide demographic.  You will find that these new advocates will even enjoy sharing this content. As you  continue to add relevant updates in the form of articles, development updates, industry news and content that engages these advocates and followers this will help to foster your trust, reputation and authority in the industry.

A Social Media program that is updated with original content on a regular basis generates more comments and fosters open communication. This allows your social team to pass along comments that in the past, would have gone unanswered and drove these people to forums that can create potential business of slandering of a company’s business practices. By answering these comments in private or on the blog, your company can calm fears and turn critics into fans. As always, it is your goal is to make your company more accessible to investors and increase quality awareness about your company.

Another social media initiative that you can undertake is to introduce a corporate community element to certain networks.  Asking for bios and pictures from your company employees, so they can share their unique story with investors and followers. Showcase your company’s  philanthropic endeavors, building a deeper connection with the communities and organizations that your company supports. These updates will be a consistent and continuous conversation, showing that your company has a vested interest in its communities. Create  list of events that your company will be participating in. Provide event names, locations, and photos from events that and share on your social media networks. Highlight the charity work you or your company is is doing and promote these causes, bringing awareness to what your company believes in and how to enrich the community and the lives of all its residents.

Highlights of a Social Media Strategy for Mining Companies

  1. Continue to build upon the main goals of trust, reputation and authority.
  2. Provide stakeholders/followers/interested parties with ongoing strategy for creating value.
  3. Give followers and readers context, insight and interactive tools to understand company’s developments today and in the future, and highlight the benefits/advantages of working with your company.
  4. Ensure investor content is easy to access
  5. Establish social media ties with  key developments and leverage involvement in communities.
  6. Use social media advertising and contests to build awareness and a larger social media following.
  7. Continue to be accessible and offer multiple ways to stay connected. Engage users on all platforms, and leverage other groups and discussions to build brand awareness.
  8. Organize original content by hiring qualified freelance journalists or in-house staff to write for company blog that can be disseminated across all social media networks.
  9. Build a corporate culture on social media networks. Introduce followers to the people who make company tick, humanizing the company and making it easier to relate to.
  10. Continue to work with the legal and compliance team to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations as it pertains to information sharing over the Internet. This includes the addition of a social media policy on the company website.
  11. Continue efforts to make company an official media “influencer” on mining and mining practices and projects
  12. Become even more involved in social media conversations in different groups and circles.
  13. Work closely with your team and social strategist to generate content. This includes deciding who is responsible for it, who will approve it, how it will appear and how often it will be generated.


If you would like to work with our Succinct Social Media team on designing and implementing your social media program please call our office at 416-819-6594.  We are happy to advise, design and implement your program.  Whatever stage you are at in the process we are here to help.

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