Case Study

Social Media for Investor Relations - Mineworx
We helped Mineworx create a full social media program that would educate the public as well as current investors and attract new investors.


Mineworx is a publicly traded company

For public companies and their investor relations teams, social media can be an easy way to interact with shareholders, many of whom are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.
Mineworx Technologies is an urban mining solution provider with advanced mining projects as well as E-Waste projects.

The Social media programming needed to include a LinkedIn Business page, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram.

By using social media for IR, we were able to provide quick access to FAQs, showcase content about the Mineworx brand, and share other vital decision-making criteria instantly and with scale. We were able to be where the audience was consuming information, not leaving any platform out. – Why would you want to risk not reaching them?