5 Things Facebook Can Tell You About Your Customers Right Now

Written by kara

January 28, 2016

If you are a small business, you probably know a lot of your customers personally, either by repeat orders on your e-commerce site or by meeting them in your bricks and mortar location. But what do you really know about them? And what about the ones you haven’t met or even those who have yet to buy anything from you? They already know a lot about your from your social media. Knowing more about them will help you to better shape your marketing plan to reach out to them.

Many of our clients are amazed when I point out the wealth of information that is easily available to them right there in their Facebook Insights! Look at Your Insights Once a Week! Really, it’s just a tab. Now click it and have a look around! Become familiar with the menu of information.

Here are 5 key insights that will help you better reach current and new customers…

  1. What Do They Like? Right off the bat, you’ll see your stats for the past week. Have a look and see which posts were popular and which weren’t. Click on Posts then Post Types to get a clear picture what your customers like to see and what they engage with the most – videos? links? photos? Create more posts like the most successful ones and see what happens next week.
  2. Who Are They? Under Overview, click on People. You will find out immediately how many of your fans are men, how many are women and how much of your audience falls into a range of ages. This is gold.
  3. Where Do They Live? Also under People, you will see what country and what city your fans are in. That is critical information for targeting your ads. You can see how many people live near your bricks and mortar locations and create ads specifically for them. Drive traffic to your e-commerce store by creating ads for places you have lots of fans but no location or even use the information to target areas where you’d like to get more fans.
  4. When Are They On Facebook? Is your organic reach low? You could be posting at the wrong time on the wrong days. Click on Posts to see a graph for the past week showing when the majority of your fans are on Facebook. Schedule your posts accordingly to reach the biggest audience.
  5. How is Your Customer Base Evolving? Much of the information in insights has an option to Benchmark on the right side of the page. Use this to compare your average performance over time.

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