Pinterest Just Got More Interesting Thanks To Pinterest Articles

A picture is now worth a thousand words… or at least a byline and opening paragraph

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just posting pictures of cute animals, wedding dresses and food porn. With the introduction of Pinterest Articles, bloggers and authors can promote their posts to a whole new social media audience.

Pinterest Articles really appeals to me. I’ve been posting pictures to boards for a year now and was excited to learn about this new feature. Basically, it’s an “I’ll read this later list.” You can pin an article that looks interesting, but you’re at work and can’t read it right now. Put a pin in it and read it at your convenience. Or you may find an article that’s particularly interesting – pin it so you can go back to it as often as you want.

What’s Different?

Unlike a regular pin, a Pinterest Article features a headline, author, story description and link… along with a picture that comes with the post.  This is an expansion of the “rich pin” that was rolled out this spring.

Pinterest users will be able to easily share articles on the social media site. Pinterest is also hoping that this new feature draws more authors and bloggers to the site to share and distribute information.

But What About Boards?

Users will still have boards – but now, you can set up a type of library, catagorized by author, interest, publication or hobby (or anything that helps your organize your articles). As well, you can see what your followers are reading and check out articles that are interesting to them.

I really like this new move by Pinterest. It’s a great way to hustle in on the bookmarking racket (watch out StumbleUpon) and get a new batch of online marketers to use the site to promote their content. If you’ve already posted articles from your site to Pinterest, they will be retroactively adjusting the look and feel of them.

The Pinterest Articles feature has started to roll out on big name publishers and will soon be hitting mobile. We’ll be setting up our own Pinterest account now that this new feature is available and are looking forward to trying it out. What about you? Are you, like us, an article-based blog that will be utilizing Pinterest Articles?


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